Best travel hashtags on Instagram

Using these hashtags won’t make you popular on Instagram, but boy, what a delightful view they are!

Instagram is a great tool for travel photographers and bloggers to engage with their audience and keep them posted with latest updates. But it’s also a great way to keep you in the travel mood and find inspiration for your next trip.

Photographers and travel bloggers have probably figured out by now the most popular hashtags to use for getting new likes and followers, and most of them have become filled with spammers and low quality snapshots, just for that milisecond of attention that everyone is looking for. For those of you who are not out there hunting for likes and new followers, and just want to see great photos, let me show you some hashtags that are not so popular like the traditional ones, but they are filled with good quality content (with few exceptions).

Now, like I said, using these hashtags without being a great photographer won’t get you more likes or followers, because people who are visiting them expect to see high quality. They are a little longer and hard to remember, they’re mostly used by the best travel photographers, so it would be hard to rank in the top posts when using them. Check them out as often as you can, in case you need a little bit of motivation for planning your next journey, but “don’t try this at home” unless you really have photo skills:

Best travel hashtags on Instagram

1. #cbviews

2. #topeuropephoto

3. #best_streetview

4. #letsgoeverywhere

5. #timeoutsociety

6. #ig_shotz_magic

7. #jaw_dropping_shots

8. #global_hotshotz

9. #europe_vacations

10. #super_europe

And since we’re all here, you might want to check out #europhotobook too, it’s a hashtag I’m using on PhotoDudau (personal account) and EuroPhotoBook (feature account).


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