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A sense of safety

I didn’t want to start this blog in a negative note, but it seems that what I’ve considered negative until recently, it turned into normality nowadays.
The truth is terrorism is part of our lives now, and we’ll just have to accept it as we accept other unfortunate events that may happen anytime: car/plane crashes, burglary, cancer, heart attacks and so on. It’s just something that may happen and it’s pretty much out of our hands to stop it.
anti-terrorism forces
Anti-terrorism forces on Bruxelles Charleroi Airport in Belgium
I wasn’t surprised to see these military guys on Bruxelles Charleroi Airport in Belgium, right after the Paris attacks. However, I wasn’t sure about their role: are they suppose to protect and prevent other terrorist attacks? Or maybe their presence there is just to inspire a sense of safety among travelers? I think the latest. But I’m not sure about the effect they have on people.
As recent attacks in Brussels have shown, having military presence on airports doesn’t make much of a difference. Most of today’s terrorists are suicidal, so they don’t care about the boys with big war guns walking along our kids like it’s Counter Strike festival.
And I’m not saying we should give up security, cause we always had it, especially on airports, but do we really need that much show off? For what? To make us and armed forces look helpless, when new attacks happen, despite their presence?
I think it’s about time we should give up fakery and focus our efforts on the real battle against terrorism. You know, the back-office magic, rather than transforming the streets in real life war zones. What is the point, anyway?
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