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Burg Eltz Castle

Burg Eltz Castle

Burg Eltz is a medieval castle built 850 years ago by the Eltz family, who still owns it, 33 generations later. It was built on a 70m high rock, in the middle of the beautiful Eltz Forest. A branch of the Eltz family still lives in a third of the castle. It is situated between Trier (1 hour drive) and Koblenz (30 min drive), in Germany, so if you’re planning a trip to any of these cities, you should really include a few hours to visit the castle.

Burg Eltz is open daily from 20 March to 1st of November, from 9.30 am to 17.30. Adults’ tickets cost 10 euro per person. We went there by car and we paid 2 euro to enter the parking. From the parking, you have two options to reach the castle: either you take the footpath and have a nice walk in the forest for about 15 minutes (1 km), or you can take a shuttle bus for 2 euro per person and get there in 3 minutes. I would recommend taking the footpath, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fresh air of the forest.

burg eltz

The castle survived countless wars and was never destroyed. You can find plenty of information on their website and on Wikipedia, but nothing will substitute the experience of a real visit.

After the visit, you can also have a nice lunch on their terrace, or just a coffee break. Or maybe both? Just remember to bring cash, because the minimum payment by card is 30 euro.

burg eltz castle restaurant
Restaurant at Burg Eltz: beef roulade menu, goulash soup, 2 coffees, one Sprite and 2 cake slices, 35 euro. The view is PRICELESS.

If you’re coming from Trier or Koblenz and looking for an alternative, you can visit the little town of Bad Kreuznach, well known as one of Germany’s finest mineral spa and holiday resort.

Have a good trip!

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